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Solution of Communication Systems by SIMON HAYKIN (FOURTH EDITION)

December 4, 2011

Hello friends, In this post, i provide you to the solution of problem of BOOK: “COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS by SIMON HAYKIN, Fourth Edition
Chapter 1 Random Process
Chapter 2 Continuous-Wave modulation
Chapter 3 Pulse Modulation
Chapter 4 Baseband Pulse Transmission
Chapter 5 Signal Space Analysis
Chapter 6 Passband Digital Transmission
Chapter 7 Spread Spectrum Modulation
Chapter 8 Multiuser Radio Communication
Chapter 9 Fundamental Limits in Information Theory
Chapter 10 Error Control Coding

If u find this is useful, Than provide us your valuable feedback. Your Feedback will encourage us to do work in this direction.

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  1. bharath permalink

    thanks a lot sir

  2. HARIOM AMRITE permalink

    nice work sir.
    thanks a lot

  3. ann permalink


  4. K Chitra permalink

    Very useful

  5. Biniam abera permalink


  6. noor nena permalink

    thanks a lot

  7. Good job. well done bro!

  8. Alok permalink

    Thanks dude

  9. arfa baig permalink

    Please post the solutions for digital communication by Simon Haykins

  10. Jeff L. Powell permalink

    Thanks a lot

  11. asmaaaa permalink

    thnx bgd rbna ybrklk yaaaaarb :)

  12. ujjwal permalink

    thnx dude

  13. koushik permalink

    thanks a lot..

  14. sonu permalink

    can I get solution manual of communication system Simon haykins 3rd edition

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